let’s start with hello,

Hi, I’m Susan and I’m glad you’ve brought your curiosity and stopped by. I encourage you to look around, and see how what’s offered here nourishes you.

I am on the journey.
The beginning of my journey of self-discovery began with my mother sending me off, as a young teen to weekend sessions like the Enneagram and Myers Briggs. Her encouragement was always to know me, and to be authentically me. This journey continues today.

I am a lifelong learner.
My parents raised my sister and I to follow our curiosity and ask all the questions. Learning was something our family did living abroad in Mexico and India, through avid book reading and in more formal settings like university. In their 40s, both my parents earned subsequent degrees in business and fine arts continuously seeking to live and contribute more fully. Their examples lives on in me.

My (formal) learning journey began with a degree in foods & nutrition, followed by graduate studies in business & human resources. Longing for even deeper impact, I embarked on the journey of becoming an Integral Master Coach™.

I am a coach, mentor, conversation partner & friend.
Authentic, heart felt connection always draws me in. For more than 25 years my career (and life) choices have been informed by the same three guiding questions; #1 WHO am I called to connect with now? #2 HOW can I serve her practically? And #3 WHERE is she such that I might know her world?  

These questions have allowed me to connect (mostly) with women in some of the most amazing settings….. as a peer mentor to young university women unraveling the mysteries of our spiritual journeys - to coaching women in health and nutrition in the shanty towns of Lima, Peru - to coaching managers and leaders on performance matters in their work teams - to coaching (and learning from) my executive peers on how to create a highly engaged work environment where people can thrive.  

In my heart, I am a coach and I am dedicated to supporting others grow into their ways of living and contributing.

I am a healthy and whole living advocate.
Driven by a desire to Show Up fully for the work that’s important to me, I know my own health and vitality has a direct connection to my ability to do so.

And I have been intimate with depression and the pain that comes from not being able to Show Up. It’s become abundantly clear to me that a life built on ignoring my own needs isn’t sustainable. Self-neglect - at least in the work that I devote myself to - lacks integrity. You deserve to have me Show Up authentically and with the vitality we all deserve.

Foundational practices take priority - like getting a good night’s rest, regular exercise, eating well and a host of other heart- mind - spirit supportive practices . And because we are dynamic and ever-changing, just like the seasons of nature, these practices ebb and change just as I do.

fun facts


fact 1

I love avocados! I make a mean guacamole (which I take to all potlucks) and have been known to make an amazing chocolate avocado-based pudding.


fact 2

In my teens I thought I was an Enneagram Type Two. Just a few years ago I discovered I’m a full on Type Three. (And a Myers Briggs ENFP.)


fact 3

I first learned Spanish when I was five living in Mexico. I picked it up again when I moved to Lima, Peru. And my hubby speaks it too.

Where to start

are you ready to revitalize?

There is no question your best energy begins when you pay attention to basic body practices like sleep, movement and optimal nutrition. But it doesn’t end there. Knowing this has allowed me to unlock my best energy. Are you ready for more?

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