I call this Energy Coaching because when we’re stuck living out the same pattern we’re tired of, or there are voices in our heads reminding us of past failures or we can’t seem to muster the resolve to get to where we really want to be, physically, emotionally, whatever, it’s like our energy is trapped…stalled.  Our wheels spin and it’s so frustrating.  So releasing or moving our energy towards the change we want to create can have huge impact!


I believe that each of us is beautifully and wonderfully made. 

We are each unique, special creations designed for a life of purpose.  I want nothing more than to live fully into the purpose for which I was created and to unlock in you the potential I know you have.  It is a deep privilege for me to be a part of growing your energy and removing any barriers that you may have to living at your best.


I believe that we owe it to ourselves to stay close to what grounds us. 

I call it my purpose… you may have your own name for it.  Alongside this purpose, I have a set of values that my husband and I strive to live out with our kids.  We live in an age of distraction… everything is clamouring for our precious attention.  And so to bring balance, and to anchor ourselves we need to keep on listening to that quiet voice inside us that informs our life’s direction.


I believe that we have a responsibility to be a compassionate steward of this precious life.

I embrace this with both a serious intensity as well as hold it as lightly I can (I have a propensity to take myself too seriously).  I was raised to live well and to give back out of our overflow. My ability to do so magnifies when I create supportive habits that with attention and intention soon become a life rhythm.  Do the hard work once and you will soon discover ease.