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Is your cup empty?

Let’s sit down together to create a customized self care routine that fits into your busy life so you can feel energized to tackle all the demands on your plate. 


does this sound familiar?

It’s you looking after everybody else.   Between packing lunches, the 9-5, carpooling, making and cleaning up dinner, homework, oh-yeah and laundry there’s little love left for you.  Taking time for self care feels impossible because

  • you tell yourself today will be different, but before you know it the day is over
    (and your best intentions have fizzled out in favor of watching Netflix)

  • you don’t actually know how it could fit into your day… EVERYTHING on the schedule is important
    (and if you don’t do all the things who will?)

  • you need health practices to feel clear minded and revitalized, so you have better day to day energy
    (and bubble baths and pedicures don’t really help with that)


You’re exhausted & overwhelmed and could someone - anyone- please help?

But what if you could?

Have the energy you need to be with the people and plans that matter dearly to you, so that you can enjoy your life and love it more?

THEN, there would be no more just getting through the day, no more hoping for white space on the calendar to get a plan in place, no more shame for always putting yourself last and no more feeling lousy and exhausted because you have someone who can help you bring your intentions to life and can fit self care in to a plan where self care DOES fit, and supports you in re-gaining your momentum and keeping your needs just as important as everyone else’s!

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Hi, I’m Susan.

I believe your good intentions to be healthy are like seeds ready to sprout. And I know exactly how to help them do that.

Self care can be a part of your day.

Because you deserve to have the energy you need to spring board into your day.  With me, you have someone who listens deeply, is an advocate for practical and joyful self care (because I’m a working mama too!) and is a compassionate and powerful guide.

 You, my friend, are not alone.

Let me do the work of creating a custom-to-you self care routine so you can stop feeling guilty for putting your health needs last. Your life has unique demands so a cookie cutter approach to health just won’t work.




Let’s discover what you want and need to feel fantastic in this season of your life.  I’ll listen fully, asking curious and clarifying questions, so your needs and hopes are fully expressed.


Let’s sketch out practices that feel interesting! In this co-creative conversation you’ll also share the complexities of your day so your self care practices are sized to fit your life.


And I design for you! Based on our conversation and what feel like the right practices for you, I craft a self care routine that you can put into place just as soon as it’s done and ready to go. #easypeesy

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to explore how self care can fit into the nooks and crannies of your life
  • You are open and willing to what’s possible for you. You can have the energy to live life more fully!
  • You’re ready to create some momentum and take action to make positive change!

This is not for you if...

  • You think there is a “right way” and a “wrong way” to do health
  • You want to hold on to your reasons why being healthy hasn't worked for you in the past
  • You’re unwilling to do the work (and the practices) to put a self care routine into place

You deserve to be healthy and feel whole. Let’s revitalize your body, mind, heart and spirit!


Are you ready to revitalize? 


Schedule your call to chat. Then and consider the questions I’ve offered to help reveal what’s important for you NOW.  This gets us ready to chat via an online meeting room called Zoom.


Spend one hour with me. We’ll chat about what you’re doing for self care now, and what you want to do.  We brainstorm ideas for practices and you tell me which ones feel just right for you.


I create your self care routine. Special things take a little bit of time (48 hours). I step out and design a routine just for you, in your life, right now so you get going with it right away.


The support continues. Just like that perfect pair of jeans needs to be hemmed, I’ll be available to you to tweak and adjust your practices so they fit.

What women say about their customized routines

I became more intentional about self care after receiving my individualized plan. I already had some practices in place, but Susan helped me tweak them to better meet my needs and came up with fresh ideas. I liked how simple and doable the plan was. It didn’t require me to purchase things or change my daily routine in a way that felt inconvenient or difficult.
— Laura F. Therapist

Here is what you’ll get as a part of the package:

  • A short and powerful questionnaire to uncover what you’re needing most NOW.

  • Ninety minutes with a highly skilled Health Transformation Coach who is ready to support you.

  • One self care routine with 4 practices fully customized to you and your life.

  • Email support to ensure you get going with your routine.

Your Investment: $297 usd

are you ready to have the energy you deserve?

Let’s create your self care routine so you can start feeling like you again.

It’s time for us to see your spark.  You deserve to have the energy you need to show up and enjoy your life right now without you being an afterthought.  Let me support you so you experience what practical and joyful self care feel like now.  

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