Designed JUST for you


Working together begins with an exploration of what you’re longing for. Maybe it’s about have MORE…. more energy, more feeling authentically like you or more grounded-ness in the day to day. Perhaps it’s LESS….less struggle, less pleasing, less doubting yourself, less shame.

This is where you get to want what YOU want. And I know this will feel selfish - because women who want to Show Up well for others have a beautiful quality of Self-less-ness to them.

My question to you would be: What if you could serve and Show Up for others from a place of self-FULL-ness. What would change? What would shift? What could become possible?


Coaching Packages


The RE-BOOT Chat

90 Minutes - Clarity

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You arrive uncertain, self-doubt nagging, stalled. I am present with you now, as you are.You download, sharing the precious pieces of truth you do have and name the doubts weighing you down. I acknowledge your sacred offering and shine the light of fresh perspective.We examine and name what feels true, real and actionable now. You leave feeling grounded, focussed and more able to move meaningfully.

Pricing: $250 USD

The RE-SET Program

3-4 Months coaching

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Are you ready to create some shifts in how you are Showing Up? Maybe your health has been taking a backburner or you’re feeling ungrounded at home or work. Perhaps now is the time to gain traction on something of deep importance to you.

What you do know is you’re ready to take action, expand your toolkit and contribution in area of your life that matters deeply to you. This shorter program allows you to make an important investment in you and honour your full life as it is. This custom-designed program gets you standing tall, focused and the results you’re craving.

Price: $1500-2000 USD

The RE-NEW Program

8-9 Months unlimited

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The RENEW program makes way for deep transformation and change. This program is both exciting and mysterious; you’ll learn to embody a whole new way of being that will profoundly alter how you do life and as well your life’s work. The RENEW program is for those serious about their development and want to gift themselves with lasting change and the partnership that will make it happen.

What you know is that you’ve felt a deep longing for something different or new, married with the stress of your day to day. The practices that once served you feel flat and uninviting. You want to feel what it means to be authentically you again along with the energy and drive you once knew.

This extended program allows you to step back from how you’re doing life today (all the while still being in it) and embrace something new and different for you. It will transform you from the inside you, peeling back layers no longer needed. You’ll emerge from this custom-designed program feeling like you in a whole new way, with a deeper and fuller toolkit and with a new way of being and showing up in the world.

Price: $4000-4500 USD


Are you feeling ready?

If you’re ready to create space for what’s most important but don’t have the time for the trial and error of cookie cutter formulas or solutions this is for you.  In the REVITALIZE program you’ll get all the depth and design of a Whole Woman approach, with a pointed focus on what will make the greatest impact on your development in the short term.

What do the Re-Set & Re-New programs include?

  • A custom designed program based on the change and results you want now.

  • A clear view of how you are Currently Showing Up to your challenge (or opportunity at hand), including the strengths and gifts you have to lever and the ways you’re feeling held back or blocked.

  • Two unique-to-you metaphors that symbolize where you are and where you are going.

  • Clear goals to focus your development on embracing a New Way of Showing Up that opens up new possibilities, builds new muscles and fulfills your program topic.

  • Custom designed practices to implement that allow you to build the new muscles needed to fulfill your learning goals.

  • Two 50-minute sessions per month.

  • Accountability and unlimited email support between sessions.