What to Do When You're In a Health Rut

I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day who cares deeply about her health.  She sees the very clear line that exists between her health, and her ability to be the mother, wife, friend and community contributor that she strives to be.

And she’s working hard at being healthy. She’s an amazing cook, works out diligently, has an active lifestyle, AND she’s feeling stuck.  Our conversation centered around how she’s feeling lost for hope.  And how for all her efforts she’s just not getting to what is her (preciously) held picture of health.

She’s wondering if it’s possible for her.  And in her hardest moments of trying, wonders “Why it IS possible for others, but not for me?”

We want to hold on to hope that our picture of health is possible for us.  And it’s hard.

Such is the creative tension of change.  Such is the struggle of living into our potential.


As the awesome humans that we are, we are dynamic, growing, evolving.  And our growth doesn’t necessarily take a smooth and gentle path.

So what does it take to change?
Yeah, let’s get curious.

First, discover, what is your Current Approach to health (or anything for that matter)?
Each of us holds a current approach that is deeply held within us.  It informs our assumptions, the habits we pursue and how we measure for progress.

It’s really hard to see this approach but it drives our every action.  It’s like a pair of glasses that we have on and we just look them through and go about our day.

In order to make change, you must become aware of your current approach to health.

Second, define what is the New Approach you’re longing for?
My friend could see on the distant horizon a picture of what health looked like for her.  Perhaps a little more effortless, full on results, a strong physique?  We all have our own picture of what is needed.   There is no “right” picture or way.

And we need to get clear for ourselves what it is we’re truly longing for.  We generally have a sense of this, on some level, but it feels far away.  We need to develop an intimacy with this view so that it becomes more our own.

In order to make change, you must become aware of your new, desired approach to health. 

Last, how will you get there from where you are?
An awareness of your current approach, and your new approach are needed, AND, they are not enough. To step into the change you’re longing for, you need to embark on cycles of action & development to begin to learn your new way in the All of You.  That’s right.  You’ll need to bring your body, spirit, emotions AND mind on the journey to your New Way.

Often our beautiful, clever minds can often “see” where they want to go, and this is good.  Our cognitive capacities lead out in learning.  But, our cognitive capacities are only one part of us.

In order to make change, you must engage in cycles of learning and action to embody your new way.


So, why is it okay if you’re feeling less than optimal?
Enter in, the creative tension of change.  You’re living with a current approach that no longer fits.  And you’re filled with a longing for new way of being health.  And, it’s damn well uncomfortable.  Awkward.  Sometimes frustrating. And oft times you’re discouraged to the point that you wonder if it’s possible for you.

You’re the caterpillar bound in the chrysalis.

So, thank those hard feelings for letting you know you’re emerging more fully towards the health you’re longing for.

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Susan Doerksen CastroComment