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Are you resourced to do the work of your life?

Get practical tips that will help you feel revitalized!


Let’s restore your vitality from the inside out.


Your day is spent caring for the needs of others. You’ve lost your momentum and Self care has taken a back seat. What if you had a self care plan made just for you?


You strive to be of service to others, and to do so with energy & authenticity. Your best Self is hiding in the shadows. Is now the time to show up more fully for you?


You want to move out of exhaustion and take sustainable steps to nurture your own health and vitality. What if taking care of your Self became second nature?

The coach

Hi, I’m Susan

I’ve been intimate with seasons of low energy and depression.  An energy deficit keeps your hopes and dreams out of reach. You don’t feel like yourself.  And the greater the energy gap, the harder you have to work to close it.  An under resourced life is an unsustainable life.

Without the vitality to be fully you, your contribution, your relationships, your sense of Self suffers.  I believe self care is essential do your work – however you define The Work. 


Let’s start with You

To be your unique Self is to move away from a prescriptive, cookie cutter approach. At the heart of my work is the belief that you are One-of-a-Kind. As Coach and Guide, we’ll explore the terrain of you, equipping you as we go with the skills and tools you need to live the boldest expression of your most authentic Self.   To do so I leverage the Integral Coaching™ Method, the world’s most advanced coaching technology to awaken health in your mind, heart, body and spirit.



Strengthen mental clarity. Reduce self-doubt. Strengthen focus and take confident steps forward.



Embrace emotional balance. Honour your heart and feel more freely. Create more room for joy.



Experience physical vitality. Move with more grace, power and agility. Your body feels alive and supported.



Awaken your spirit. Listen to the whispers of purpose. Make more room for truth and mystery.


Start a Self Care Routine you Love

Is your cup empty? Let’s sit down together to create a customized self care routine that fits your busy life. You deserve to have the vitality you need to tackle all the demands on your plate and feel more like yourself as you do so.

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